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with a world series trophy. there was the mayor, ed lee giving larry bayer the keys to the city. and a golden broom to commemorate the sweep of the tigers. it was always, always, about the fans. >> thank you for always being there. i thank you. and thank you for making this one of the greatest moments of my life. thank you. >> we went to st. louis. they weren't as loud as you. that is why we won. thank you very much. i want everyone to lose your mind as we do this. this is how we did it. loork look. look. loork! >> sharing that pep rally taking the fans into the dugout was a very special moment. as was how the program ended. tony ben yet singing "i left my heart in san francisco" then the song "we are the champions" was being played. i saw people crying. such a great day. the giants president says hey, can we do this again every october? live at civic center abc 7 news. >> what a party that was. >> i think they're going to need that golden broom on the streets. >> yes. this began on market street. of course. and as larry mentioned just tons of confetti out there. >> we heard carolyn tyler rev
minutes.. >> we'll take you live to new york city to see how things are looking there. >> other top story, world championin giants just landed at sfo. sky 7 is live over the airport here, i'm trying to take a look at who is first out of the plane. it's tough. there are shaddiy figures there. gmen still celebrating after sweeping tigers last night. >> we have live team coverage of the giants. carolyn tileler isive at the ballpark. >> let's begin with heather live at sfo. >> yeah. the team and families and staff making their way off charter united 747 charter that landed just about 10 minutes ago. they're being greeted by airport employees, the only people will be allowed up this close to the aircraft. and it is a little bit tough to identify players. oh, getting off we think we see the panda, big home run hitter, important pointer and madison balmgartner coming off now. they've got about seven buses here waiting to rans f transport everybody back to the ballpark. the plane taxied in, they were given that water salute. can you see the people getting off the plane now? >> yes. we just had a
people arrested during the mayhem that followed sunday night's giants viblgtry. the city promising to do everything it can. we're learning a man was badly beaten during the rioting. police say he was attacked by five men that remain at large. >> up to a million people are expected at tomorrow's parade, celebrating the champion giants. >> what you see is the stage being set here for the trophy ceremony after the parade. the entire thing is quite an undertaking. billy philadelphia is ready for his close up. he'll play caliope to entertain crowds at tomorrow's parade. riordan is getting in a last minute rehearsal. the only marching band performed during the parade in 2010, called on again with one million fans expected to jam san francisco market street, the floats need to be fantastic. the race is on to get eight, maybe 10, ready to roll. with less than 48 hours notice to drape sheeting it's been crazy for workers. have no doubt it will. >> mayor ed lee introduced the city team awe here, he says to make sure the event is a family friendly celebration. live in san francisco city hall, abc 7
death as oakland pleets are getting help from the chp to help patrol city streets. >> oakland seeing crime rate skyrocket and homicide rate is 20% higher than it was last year. it's not surprising that the city has called for reenforcements. the city announced cal patrol and sheriff's department will begin helping patrol oakland starting next week. the police department has been under staffed, overworked and outnumbed. the city has been asking for help for the past few weeks and now the governor has authorized the chp to patrol streets. specifics have not been worked out, nor has funding. but the mayor says money is available and police chief admits he needs help. >> as long as they can be here, we can afford them. what i'm asking the sheriff to do is for a 90 day operation, then, reassess. >> i can afford some level of cooperation until my police amad kad mys turn out more officers. >> that may not happen until sometime next year. >> just moments ago police told us there has been an arrest in the arson fire in the law offices of ozzy davis. the latest of what davis calls efforts to
in because the city determined high temperatures and low humidity make any activities here too dangerous. it has schools taking precautions and shades are up, teachers encouraging students to drink lots of water. the principle principal cancelled activities such as soccer during recess. and there are water fountains are a popular attraction. >> i was thinking hopefully, it's open. it's very, very, so hot today. >> the forecast calls forts to drop the ranger just told me the park will remain closed through tomorrow. >> and to get relief from the heat crowds are flocking to the beach. check out baker beach. there are people there bravely getting into the water. it's quite cold. and there is a san francisco man arrested for kidnapping a 9-year-old girl is now facing new charges. >> this 25-year-old accused in a second incident this one in daily city. and according to prosecutors he hid in a bathroom and took inappropriate photos of 9-year-old girls by reaching underneath the stall. is he in jail for groping another 9-year-old and carrying her off campus. investigators say she reported the c
he was on break from school in oakley. and today is his birthday. >> there is in san francisco city hall, the board of supervisors meeting to decide the fate of ross mirkarimi. >> you're looking at a live picture from our cell 7 camera. hundreds have turned out to be a -- for a public comment session. >> supporters held a rally on the front steps of city hall. the boardq is expected to decide whether to up hol,m the edgics commission recommendation to remove him from the job, supporters say it was politically motivated. >> i realized this was a tacticÑi amongo othersb includig a suspension without pay that became a weapon to try to break>ok our spirits so we'd wak away fromxdxd being sheriff. >> and now, a abc 7 news reporter vick slee at city skmaul will bring updates as soon as they become available. >> president obama is in ohio fresh off a fund raising trip to san francisco, urging students at ohiolp statenot university to get out the vote directing them to buses to give them rides to early voting locj9s. today is the deadline to register to vote in ohio. there is a poll showin
's interesting. every home crowd and american city thinks they're special. in st. louis last week they think they've got special going on. here in san francisco, crowd has an intangible. it is wowed, loud, and different. it has national media talking. let's show you some video from just moments ago. people walking in. look at the crowd. san francisco nation. very weird at times. there are no individuals. they cheer together, rejoice together. these aren't baseball games, they're happening. >> so excited. it's vibrant and energy. >> we have the weather, the team, diversity. we have people. every population coming out. whatever background is, they're here. >> detroit beat writers are knocking us for having a build a bear. i'm okay with garlic fries and panda hats. i think it's just giving everyone an opportunity to enjoy the moment. that is what we're all about. >> what is the message to detroit and the rest of the world? >> here we are. we're not going away. >> that is right. we're going to detroit after this, if we want to bring bears and hats and wear glitter and dress funny, they're just going
city, provide a day of service to our youth in our city, and at the same time take the opportunity to visit the thing that's make our city successful. >> that is better than the lame bets mayors usually make. mayor lee did not want to talk about what he would do if detroit wins but it might include a tour of a chevy bolt factoryóá29. >> go to and like us first, click the giants logo. that will take to you the page where you can choose to share badges to show your support onñ your wall. >> right now, gas prices are falling in the bay area. slowly. they came?; 829 again in oakland, san jose and san francisco. here are the prigss for regular unleaded. $4.34 a gallon in oakland and san jose. had:$45 in san.#ncisco.r wnxd 19 cents to 21 cents since last week. >> investigators on the scene of a deadly crane accident at the port of oakland. >> it happened during a maintenance check this morning. authorities sate man was crushed while working on the crane. >> southern california couple is now charged with murder in the home invasion death of a hercules woman.
. the investigation continuing here. >> there is oakland city officials insist the spike in violence will not be tolerated. they pleaded for witnesses to come forward anonymously and help police. five people were killed in oakland over an 18 hour period this week. >> and bart trains running on time this afternoon after a maintenance train and and and again, the trains are running on time this afternoon. >> more west nile virus news that is not good. there are five more birds and a chicken tested positive in five cities. the cities are discovery bay, brentwood, pleasant hill and walnut creek, vector control says the stifeling heat brings an increase in the mosquitoes that spread the virus. >> two people have tested positive this year. >> and there is a class action suit claims the fee is a tax and should require a two thirds vote from the legislature, governor brown calls it a fee to help with the budget deficit. >> and a group of people in the south bay is urging google to remove a video clip from you tube related to a film that is sparking violence around the globe. >> happening now
in oakland family who lost heir son to a officer involved shooting is headed to city hall. >> they want to speak out against the decision not to charge the officer that shot and killed alan blueford. police say he pointed a handgun at the officer. the district attorney determined the shooting was justified. >> blueford's family will hold a news conference to reveal their findings just before a security council meeting is set to begin. family of supporters have a history of disrupting meetings in protest of blueford's shooting. >> we have breaking news on san francisco bay. a yacht that will be involved in america's cup races just cap sized. sky 7 hd is live over the scene this, is right near golden gate bridge. we zoom out. this is a yacht among those set to race next year in america's cup. as we looked around there are rescue boats around. we didn't see sailors in the water, we presumed they had been rescued. there were a number of vehicles out there. the team has been practicing on the bay for months in smaller boats. this is a 72-footer. >> happening now a bus company for people with
videotaped interviews. >> san bruno city council votes on the ouster of the head of the public utilities commission. eight people died when a pg&e pipeline exploded two years ago. the families accused chairman of making back room deals with pg&e. the counsel is calling on senator george mitchell who refused to serve as a mediator in four explosion cases against the utility. >> our navy is smaller now. >> we have fewer horses and bayonetts. the nature of the military has changed. >> both candidates are back on the campaign trail following the final debate. president obama visited florida, governor romney visited nevada and colorado. we'll have more on what the candidates did today ahead at 4:30. >> now stock market, it was a dark day for the dow, certainly. it tumbled today after dupont and xerox missed their earnings. the nasdaq gave back 26 points to close below 3,000. s and p 500 lost 20 points. apple unveiled a smaller ipad called the mini. >> apple unveiled its new ipad mini, but they also unveiled more. the screen is almost two inches smaller and the resolution is the same. graphics
expected to find out tomorrow whether it's on the short list of cities cities to host the upcoming super bowl. the city put in a bid to host in 2016 or 2017 at the new stadium in santa clara. both 49er and city leaders say san francisco would be the center of the event. if they make the first round it has to submit a plan by early may. >> this thursday is 49ers game day. here on abc 7. 4:49 jerry rice and brent jones will join us as abc 7 news presents the pregame show. and... after that, jerry and brent going to stick around for "after the game". >> we have breaking news in west oakland. police surrounded a homicide suspect holed up inside of a home there. >> this is at 21st street just south of a high school. >> let's go live to laura anthony right now at the scene. laura? >> i'm at 21 and silver. this is still an active and dangerous situation. all activity happening just down the street from where i'm standing. let's show you video we have from both on the ground and sky 7 hd. taken just minutes ago. the s.w.a.t. team had a vehicle parked in front of the house with guns drawn. they t
this week. it shows phony contractors bidding to do work in a union city home. they face charges for illegal advertising and seeking excessive down payments. anyone doing more than $500 worth at a home needs tf a license. >> in san francisco, police still searching for one of the two men accused of firing shots at officers. this is during a high-speed chase. began as a traffic stop around 2:00 a.m. it ended two blocks away when the vehicle ran a red light splashing into a taxi at franklin street. the taxi driver suffered a minor injury. >> your voice, your vote. just 18 days until the election the president is rolling out a new attack line. at a campaign stop today accusing republican presidential nominee mitt romney of conveniently changing his position on a number of issues in order to look more moderate to voters. >> i mean, he's changing up so much, back tracking and side stepping. we've got name this condition that he's going through. i think -- i think it's called romnesia. >> mr. romney has a rally in daytona beach, florida tonight. he spent most of the day off of the campaign trail.
to an entire city block. in the west portal neighborhood of san francisco, abc 7 news. >> investigators trying to figure out what set off a two alarm fire this morning. the fire department says neighbors reported flames coming from the roof of the building. the loud booms likely caused by live ammunition going off inside of the burning house. >> this shell casings become project yils. nose as if coming from a gun, but enough that it may injury you. >> the homeowners suffered burns while escaping the fire. the pets are now missing. >> police are investigating a city 37th homicide of the year. a man shot just before 2:00 in the morning in the 1700 block of rogers avenue in north san jose. police are still searching for the gunman. >> a set back for pg&e in an attempt to get ratepayers 90% of the cost of fixing natural gas pipelines. the california public utilities commission announced it will limit portions to just 36%. the plan requires pg&e to replace 186 miles of pipeline, installing hundreds of shuttoff valves which could have minimized the damage. pg&e says it's disappointed in this decisio
is on you're looking at ocean beach, temperatures climbed into the 80s, some cities including santa rosa are seeing triple digit temperatures now there is the hottest day of the year in san francisco so far. and we're live in oakland there is also a lot like summer out there. >> this is hotter, now, the east bay had highest temperatures in antioch and livermore as expected were hottest places. i know because we're there this morning and this afternoon. and there is today, october 1. fall should be inching here but instead, everywhere you went looks and felt very much like a hot summer day. that is the lake in oakland that had a fair amount of people at the beach cooling off today. it was hot in mid-80s but not as hot as it was in walnut creek. we found people dressed for weather and enjoying picnics during lunch hour, antioch very hot z we had no trouble finding people deciding to launch boats one more time or enjoy water sports on the delta. this is where people wanted to be outside, enjoying heat. >> it's way better than typical october 1. >> we're enjoying it. we're going to do someth
after hurricane katrina. compared to new york city residents after september 11th. >> what's happening down in new orleans? where is your dollar? where is your money? makes no sense. tells me the bullet hasn't been taken out. tells me somehow the people down in new orleans don't care about as much. >> the obama campaign was quick to fire back this morning. fox news reported on it five years ago. it's a silly and desperate attempt by republicans to try to get us away from talking about real issues. >> the debate will focus on domestic issues and the economy will be front and center, 50 people people are expected to watch. >> and you can watch the debate right here tonight from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. there is warm weather still with us. >> now, the accuweather update. >> the cool down has begun. there is some upper 80s and low 90s it's still 61 m n.half moon bay. there is fog return together coast flowing forcefully throughout the golden gate and temperatures have dropped sharply. san francisco has a temperature right now of 24 degrees lower than the reading at this hour yesterday. it's 13 de
a rally at city hall and called for his removeal. and he his wife called this case a political witch hunt. the meeting is tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. >> there is a judge postponing a hearing to determine how much pacific gas and electric should be fined for the explosion. the california public utilities commission wants the hearing suspended so it can negotiate a deal in private upsetting assemblyman jerry hill. and the judge will decide next monday whether to delay the hearing. >> you could see relief at the gas pump, the governor allowing refineries to begin producing a cheaper winter blend of gasoline, shell martinez oil refinery tells axe bc 7 news it will make the switch as soon as it can but cautions it's not as easy as just flipping a switch. there is a live report on when we can see prices drop is at 5:00. >> and there are investigators looking for clues in a murder of a herk kul use -- hercules woman. her family says she was stabbed. police spent the day combing her home for clues. the family and frendz will held a memorial vij yint yil tonight at 8:30. and there is an update com
on the same weekend? it's time to strategize how to get around the city in two days. allen has been a cabby to years. >> you want to avoid embarcadero. >> one of two lanes will be closed to cars. only bicycles and emergency vehicles will be allowed and fleet week and along the embarcadero and along the marina green. it's an opportunity to makeup to $1,000 a day for working 12 hours. >> we're crossing our fingers to go home with a nice vacation to tahiti at the end of the weekend. >> the giants play this week. there are special taxi zones near the ballpark. with other events like hardly strictly glue grass festival the drivers will try to cross the city using streets like golden gate, fell, and oak, and you should, too. >> the strategy to keep moving. i don't line up in hotels and just wait for fares. >> that worries michael whose job sit to find taxies for guests at the st. francis hotel. >> tomorrow won't be like this, i'll be out there in the street. and one will come around, five minutes later another will come around. >> patience is perhaps the best virtue to have this weekend. >> it's
responsibility for the flyer. >> right now police in pacifica are investigating what could be the city's first homicide of the year. it took place this morning. neighbors reported hearing an argument coming from that house. a man in his mid-20s was found dead. the victim lived at that house with his father. >> now, to the football fan stabbed outside sunday's 49ers game for wearing a dallas cowboys jersey. >> vic lee was in the courtroom as accused attackers entered a plea. >> happening now a criminal case against two men charged with stabbing a dallas cowboys fans goes to court. the two men were arraigned this afternoon in the hall of justice. they pleaded not guilty to assault with a deadly weapon. police say they argued with a fan wearing a cowboys jersey at sunday's 49ers game against new york giants. the altercation happening just outside of the parking lot escalated into a fist fight. police say argueos started the brawl. they say the two suspects left for a moment, then returned with vienna carrying a knife. investigators say he stabbed the cowboys fan. then, the two ran off with bistan
of activities. near yuba city you can see an area of thunderstorms. as we look we've had light snow around lake tahoe. it would be a good idea to carry chains with these. back to the bay area we're looking at mainly cloudy skies with scattered showers. temperatures narrow range into low to mid-50s. these are the features. we'll continue to see scattered showers tonight. more showers likely next two days. we'll see sunnier drier pattern beginning on thursday and becoming milder. a frontal system swept through brought us heavy shower activity. more wide spread. behind that we have active weather. that is why more showers are likely to occur over two days. we'll see areas of showers, some locally heavy. next wave will sweep through the area. we do expect pockis of showers at the time. breaks in the clouds will look calm compared to what we've seen today, rainfall totals most of the bay area not more than about a quarter inch. up in the north bay heavier and meanwhile, winter storm warning in affect for parts of the central sierra until 5:00 tomorrow morning. we're seeing chances of four to five in
on the job until monday but rumors of his recall are swarming around city hall. >> cornell brown shows us any effort will not be easy. >> less than 48 hours after ross mirkarimi got his job back come rumors of recall. >> it's another challenge we'll have to deal with. i hope i can continue to demonstrate why people elected me sheriff. >> on tuesday, four of 11 supervisors voted to reinstate mirkarimi. he was suspended following a new year's eve fight with his wife. the sheriff would plead guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence charges. supervisor kim voted to keep mirkarimi but now says recall. >> it's the right of the voters to support a recall. ross lost my vote in the future. >> the recall buzz started when this face book page went up, as of today, only 405 people like it. the person behind it promised to visit the election department today but officials say so far no recall inquiries it would need signatures from 10% of the registered voters in san francisco. about 48,000. that would fill a lot of boxes. the box koz stretch the length of this massive hallway. and beyond. >> this is invol
a little bit later, you can contact michael on >>> it's official, san francisco has a target store. city target now open taking up the second floor of the metrion building different from other targets and it is tail youred to customers with small living lace spaiss. it's also trying something new, opening at 7:00 in the morning and today is what is called soft opening. the grand opening taking place on sunday. >> there is employers outlooking to hire hundreds of workers in the job journal hire event. there are schools looking to hire staff like uc berkeley and the art institute, organizers say the jobs report showing rate below 8% is encouraging. >> lower numbers going. better for everybody out of work that has been looking for work. i think it's -- it's very good. it's positive. >> and it will be on november 13th from 12 to 4:00 p.m. taking place at center concord. >> there is groopon's latest attempts and sobering news for hewlett-packard. we're live for those stories and more. >> china lenovo has taken over as the world's largest pc maker accounting for 15.7% of the global shipments i
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